New Year Farm


Get more resources for your Christmas city




New Year Farm is a clicker where you expand your city bit by bit. By tapping on all the elements, you can earn rewards and unlock more elements as you build your Christmas town into a bustling city.

In the first few levels, you won't have many resources to help Santa Claus out. However, as you advance in the game, you can earn more coins by managing your resources wisely. With these coins, you can improve various elements in order to increase your city's value.

Helping Santa Claus isn't hard at all, and it's even easier if you follow Santa Claus's instructions to get more benefits more quickly. By combining various kinds of vegetables, you can get fruit and resources quickly and increase your fortune.

New Year Farm is another clicker that doesn't add much to the genre, but you'll still be hooked in no time at all. Although many aspects of this game are automated, there's still plenty to enjoy in this Christmas city.